Clark College Mature Learning

Fred Aspler and the Advisory Council

Read on for another page from Bob Williamson's 20th ML Anniversary address:

Fred Apsler rightly deserves credit for the birth of the program we commemorate today, but from the beginning he understood the importance and value of a citizen’s advisory council. The original committee he brought together shared his commitment to education as a lifelong quest. Yet the work wasn’t all serious – Fred leavened everything he did with a sense of flair and fun. It showed up even in his notes to council members, including this one to Lynn Degerstedt:
“Your Lordship… I am extremely disconsolate about not having found your exalted person present in the flesh. Our mini-course for over-aged students was successfully concluded yesterday. Reaction was enthusiastic, and there were piteous cries for more. I crave an audience with your Lordship to get something going. The hot lunch people are very eager to furnish more educational food to the aging masses. Would you deign to call this humble subject on Monday morning to indicate when I can present myself to your illustrious Lordship for an audience? Most humbly and respectfully and always, day or night, at your service, Fred A.”
Fred, his illustrious Lordship and the other members of the advisory council successfully led the transition from the early seminars of “Perspectives on Aging” to the academic curriculum of “focus On Mature Learning.” Full-time college instructors were mixed with professionals in the community to offer and teach courses on local history, interpersonal relationships, current events, psychology, and conversational languages. These early classes flourished, and effectively strengthened the program’s support with the college faculty, the administration, and the advisory council itself.
By 1977, "Focus" was growing, as was Fred’s pride in his creation. He was also finding at this time that his itch for travel and study was stretching an already crowded schedule. As a result, Fred stepped down as the day-to-day coordinator of Focus on Mature Learning but accepted the position of chairman of the advisory council. He would never be far away from the program he loved.

Photo note: This isn't Fred Apsler - it's another Clark County legend - Dan Ogden at the FDR Memorial.  I took this on one of our spectacular DC travel trips!