About Us

Our Vision:

Delivering innovation, expertise and relevant learning to the global community.

Located in beautiful downtown Vancouver, Washington, Corporate and Continuing Education is the region's premier provider of classes, seminars, certificate programs and training opportunities, serving the residents and businesses of Southwest Washington and beyond. We're dedicated to providing a variety of lifelong learning, personal enrichment and professional development training for individuals re-entering the job world, moving up the corporate ladder or simply interested in acquiring a new skill.

Continuing Education

Continuing education courses offer an array of personal enrichment and self-improvement courses designed to enhance your life and offer an opportunity to explore new interest.   Taught by talented instructors, our courses make the most of the wide resources offered by Clark College.  Continuing Education has something for everyone, with classes that cover such topics as computers, finance, world language and culture, dance, fitness and gardening.  Many classes are appropriate for the whole family and new classes are offered quarterly.  

Cooking and Wine School

The Cooking and Wine School, located at Clark College Columbia Tech Center, offers fun and educational classes designed for the home cook, with a variety of demonstration and hands-on opportunities.  In the well-appointed kitchen classroom, credentialed instructors educate about nutrition and world culture while building students' skills.  Additionally, skill-building courses for the burgeoning local wine and hospitality industry are offered.  The space is also available for private rentals. 

Mature Learning

Mature Learning is an educational and cultural enrichment program for persons fify-five (55) years of age or older.  The program provides an opportunity to learn in a relaxed atmosphere without any tests, grades or homework.  A wide variety of courses are offered including fitness, art, writing, computers, sciences, history, creative writing, health, humanities and others.  Students also travel by coach to Portland/Vancouver opera, theater, symphonies, art galleries, ballet and lectures.

Professional Development

Professional Development courses offer business-focused classes, workshops and seminars that are specially designed to help individuals succeed in today's rapidly changing world.  A wide range of topics and disciplines are offered, from computers and information technology to customer service and leadership development.  These classes are open to everyone and range from one-time learning sessions to seminars and certificate programs.  Courses and workshops are designed to assist business professionals to increase their knowledge, productivity, job satisfaction and career success.  

Corporate Education

Corporate Education is the College's primary means of providing high-quality, effective learning solutions to both public and private sectors in the business community.  By using a large pool of talented Clark College faculty, adjunct instructors and pre-qualified service providers, the department offers flexible, competitively priced training and consultation services to any type of business, association or institution. Corporate education staff work one-on-one with the clients to identify specific needs and tailor programs accordingly.